Monocrane 2010 is New Zealand's complete crane and hoist company.

We are a New Zealand owned company designing and manufacturing Overhead Lifting Equipment with sales, manufacturing and service facilities located in Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand.


We manufacture a wide range of cranes including Overhead travelling cranes, Single girder cranes, Double girder cranes, Fully automated cranes, Specialised cranes, Portal cranes, JIB cranes, Crane Hoists ...

Our Overhead Travelling Cranes range as standard from 1 Tonne to 100 Tonne in capacity.

Monocrane 2010 can custom build a crane to suit your most specific requirements.

Available in capacities up to 10 tonnes and 10 metres reach Monocrane JIB cranes provide versatile lifting and radial travel through the full 360 degrees if required.

If you have an aging crane or storage system that needs upgrading please contact us.

Monocrane 2010 supply a wide range of hoists.

We provide service, maintenance and parts for Overhead Lifting Equipment.

With our latest computer design and control systems, MONOCRANE 2010 is setting new standards in the design of lifting and storage solutions.

HYPERSPEED is a fully featured electronic control system unique to JDN MONOCRANE's extensive hoist range.

i-GLIDE is the i-ntelligent electronic control system that allows the crane and load to accelerate and decelerate with the smoothest properties possible.

JDN MONOCRANE have created a solution offering peace of mind and a practical and cost effective Hoist monitoring system called SENTINEL.

PLANET is a revolutionary electrical energy conservation system which significantly reduces power costs and green emissions.


To increase the TRAVERSE and TRAVEL Speeds by 71% for unloaded conditions only.

Contact details for Monocrane 2010.

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