i-GLIDE is the intelligent electronic control system that allows the crane and load to accelerate and decelerate with the smoothest properties possible.

i-GLIDE electronic control enables the crane and load to accelerate and decelerate at the same rate independent of load i.e unloaded, partially loaded or fully loaded.

This control absolutely minimizes potentially dangerous hook sway.

i-GLIDE provides 3 speed motion control  of as standard:

Traverse: 20/10**/3.3** m/min
Travel: 40/20**/6.7** m/min

Mid and Creep Speeds are able to be altered to suit clients requirements.

i-GLIDE reduces the motor brakes to a parking brake only as most braking is performed electrically, dramatically increasing brake life.

**- Factory Default Set Can Be Altered to Suit Customers Specific Requirements.

to discuss i-Glide please contact us

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