HYPERSPEED is a fully featured electronic control system unique to JDN MONOCRANE's extensive hoist range.
HYPERSPEED was developed in Australia by JDN MONOCRANE and represents world leading hoisting performance & efficiency.
HYPERSPEED has been tried and tested in a multitude of industries with outstanding results.

Key features of HYPERSPEED include:

  • Allows up to 25% of the SWL to be raised or lowered at twice the normal speed producing unparalleled performance.
  • Produces an unequalled 5 lifting speeds.
  • Is self regulating and automatically selects the maximum hoisting speed available for any given load.
  • Is selected by the operator as a final depression on the pendant button (or Joy stick radio control unit).
  • Is automatically determined by the system and cannot be incorrectly selected by the operator.
  • Creep speed is variable and is factory default set to 1/12th of the main speed unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Provides overload sensing and safety cut-out to prevent equipment damage and unsafe practices.
  • Reduces the hoist brake to a parking brake only as most braking is performed electrically, dramatically increasing brake life. 



The example shown in the animation features a M4 hoisting application with 6m Height of Lift (H.O.L).
As duty OR Height of Lift (H.O.L) increases productivity gains increase.

Typical HYPERSPEED Productivity Gains

Duty Hol(m) Hoist Speed Lifts/Day Cyc Time Hyp Cyc Time Tot Cycles Days Saved Hours Saved Total Savings $
M6 6 5.5 55 4.36 3.27 137500 313 2500 $150,000
M6 10 5.5 55 7.27 5.45 137500 521 4167 $250,000
M8 6 5.5 220 4.36 3.27 550000 1250 10000 $600,000
M8 10 5.5 220 7.27 5.45 550000 2083 16667 $1,000,000


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