MONOCRANE 2010 supply of a wide range of hoists, including:

AH Series

Keah Series

Air Hoists

Ueah Series

Ceah Series

Aeah Series

Hoist General Information:


  • Stationary AH
  • Low Head Trolley KEAH
  • Double Rail Crab CEAH
  • Torsion Box Trolley TEAH
  • Trolley UEAH
  • Articulated Trolley AEAH


  • Large range of speeds
  • Variable speed
  • Main speed to creep speed ratio normally 4:1 option 6:1


  • Brake on rope drum for hazardous or man safe applications


  • Dust ignition proof
  • Explosion Proof
  • Hydraulic Powered
  • Pneumatic Powered


  • Overload protection
  • Condition monitoring
  • Encoder fitting
  • Radio control

Other Technical Information:

Reeving options

Model Designation Break Down

Hoist Duty Selection:

When selecting a MONOCRANE Hoisting Unit the following criteria should be taken into consideration to ensure the unit chosen provides you with the best possible performance and long lasting service.

1. Maximum Load kg
2. Required Height of Lift
3. Type of Loading
4.Daily Operating Time
5.Hoisting Speed required
6.Hook Travel (horizontal)
7.Work Cycles per Hour

The following formula can be used to determine the correct Mechanism Group
Daily Operating Time tm
tm =2 x AHT x CPh x OT / 60 x HS

AHT Average Hook Travel
CPh Cycles per Hour
OT Operating Time per Day
HS Hoisting Speed

Load Spectrum

to discuss Hoists please contact us

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