71 Deadman Button Crane Controller

To increase the TRAVERSE and TRAVEL Speeds by 71% for unloaded conditions only.


A separate +71 Button (Deadman) is provided on the Controller.

When the Operator combines the FAST TRAVERSE or TRAVEL speed with the +71 Button (Deadman) the crane utilises the excess power available due to the lighter loaded condition and increases to crane speed by up to 71%.
 NOTE: i-GLIDE  must be fitted to the cane for the +71 option to apply.

 TRAVERSE SPEEDS:  34*/20/6.6**/1.7**   m/min i-GLIDE  +71
 TRAVEL SPEEDS:    69*/40/13.3**/3.3** m/min i-GLIDE  +71

* -  +71 Conditions only.


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